I’ve been receiving many requests offering to be my assistants or interns. The truth is, while I am in the field, there isn’t a much photographic assistance to do and, I can manage to carry my own gears. However, I do need people whose skills can be useful in the respective areas where I travel to. If you are the right person, I will pay your expenses (accommodation, food, transportation) for the duration of our trip together and I will offer you whatever knowledge I can, in return for your help.

So what I am looking for:

The main things what I am looking for knowledge of the local language/s, as well as communication and people skills. Familiarity with traditional communities and their cultures is a big bonus. It is great if you are a local to that area where I’ll be traveling to, but, yes you do not need to be, if you could be a volunteer, former or current, you have grown up in that area or spent enough time and learnt the language and have become familiar with it and its people and culture.

Who this opportunity might be for:

Those who want to travel in a way that is different to tourists. Photographers who want to learn by being out in the field and seeing how travel photos are taken and the photographer is working. Travel writers/bloggers ones who want to pair up with a photographer and know the language and the area that I am travelling to.

Even if you are none of these above, you still can invite me, if some unique event is happening in your area/country and if possible make me your guest.

What one shall expect and get:

An opportunity to learn about photography and life on the road from being out there is the field with me. In free time, you can ask any photography/travel related questions that you may want. A chance to travel places that you are familiar with without having to pay the expenses. Some amazing experiences and adventures along the way. That does not mean you will travel luxury with me.

What one should not expect:

Please don’t think this is the best way to build your portfolio/work profile. When I work on photographs, people/setup events, I do not want to have others think of taking opportunity and photographs at the same time. And I don’t like it at all, such acts distract me and subjects. There might still be opportunities for your camera to act, but if you are coming with this base desire of yours to come with me, I don’t suffer stupids gladly. This isn’t a holiday trip and most of the time we will be in rough conditions and live like locals.

Even if you don’t match this there are opportunities to travel me. Do join workshops and adventure trips which I regularly conduct.  Click here for trip details.

Here is my wishlist  and working on it:

  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Mongolia
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan
  • Some African countries
  • Central Asian Countries
  • Russia, Siberia and so on…

Obvious India: Do not get surprised after seeing this country name here though I’m Indian and live in India. And now ask me why India? The answer is “There are so much to see and experience in India, culture, landscape, people, festivals, places …a big list.”

If you think your place is really amazing and must visit the places (rich culture, traditions or even landscapes), please contact me without hesitation and yes we can see you each other one day. What is next? Contact me.