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November 2, 2017

Improve Instagram Performance

There is always a question, how some people get a good amount of followers on social media. Here is some insight on Instagram.

What one should post and behave on Instagram.

Post High Quality and artistic images.

Before post your image, make sure you post process images really well, Instagram offers some inbuilt capability but that is not necessary to use. If you are professional and use your Instagram account to promote your products or work? add some behind scenes shots.

  • Add some time daily inspiring or funny quotes.
  • Be specific to the point and create your identity.
  • Add some video too
  • Instagram is hashtag and tag game.
  • your relevant hashtags, such as for landscape image use #landscape #sunset #sunrise #dusk
  • Add locations and location name in hashtags #ladakh #delhi #himalayas #mumbai #beach

Make sure you add some description or a story behind taking an image, that will add more value to your image and helps viewers to keep engage with your feed.

  • Tag user on Instagram for doing return favour or if they have travelled with you or if anyone in an image.
  • Post on a specific time.
  • you have to learn about your followers when they are most active on Instagram and post at right time to get best out of the post.
  • There are few applications which will help you to understand your post analysis.
  • You might want to use apps on your mobile device such as command, InstaTrack
  • Do post regularly, Instagram notices your activities too.
  • Give responses to image comments and DM whenever there is appropriate time
You must reply and thankful to followers who visit your profile, comment on your images.
  • Do reply to your queries.
  • Do return favours too, like and comment on images of your followers.
  • If you are talking with other Instagram user on the different topic than an image, please use DM for your discussion.
  • Just don’t like pictures, do appropriate comments.

Look for good Instagram communities, explore hashtags, people or locations, find right people to follow and learn new techniques of photography or whatever topic you are looking on Instagram.