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How to Focus & Compose Photos at Night

How to Focus & Compose Photos at Night

We all love to see starts in dark nights, If you are a night lover and love to shoot night pictures, the first question is in mind how to focus when you really can not see anything through the viewfinder on a dark night. Focus and Composition is the biggest problem for night lovers. So I would like to give you quick workaround in such situations when you land-up at last moment on location, where you don’t have time to set […]

Sunset on Song Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

Tips  to Capture Landscape Images

Everyone loves beautiful landscape images and being photographer we really want to create some stunning landscape images. Here today I am going to talk about some golden rules to help you make good landscape images. So here you go with: Pack your backpack with right gears: We prepare for so many things before the shoot but many times you don’t need too many things to pack to make some nice images but when I travel some of the equipment are on […]

Sony Lenses

Why Some Lenses Expensive?

Many of you might be thinking why some lenses are too much expensive compared to others, even though their focal length is same or sometimes there is no standard focal length. Basically, most of the companies have categorised their lenses into three major once. Consumer Grade Lenses Enthusiast Grade Lenses Professional Grade Lenses And the fourth one you can consider as a special purpose lenses. I will talk little about these grades: The main difference between these grades is not only […]

Holi India, Festival of Colours

Shutter & What is Shutter Speed

Aperture, ISO  and Shutter these are the three major components of photography and cameras. I must say shutter is the magician who creates magic in your image. It is responsible for creating magical effects by either freezing action or blurring motion in images. In this topic, I will try to explain everything about the shutter I know and will try to explain shutter speed in very simple language whatever I know. 1, Camera Shutter : Before you start reading this […]