Konkan Coast Side, boats are getting ready for the day
November 18, 2017

Konkan The Calm Beauty

The small town of fishermen in Konkan area of Maharastra; everything was going at a slow pace as bicycle does.

During my ride, I was staying in a homestay near one of the coastal side village with the majority of people into the fishing business, not a big way but with small boats, small marker and fresh fish business. They used to start their day late afternoon they go out for fishing and back early morning take rest before next trip. Everyone takes life easy without worrying much about running after big “Fish”.

I used to start my rides in the morning around 8:30 and wake up little early to enjoy morning life around the place. That day morning I came to the place where their boats were parked. The clear day it was and the sun was giving his first appearance for the day. Orange was the sky, glowing from the darkness. Water was calm too along with boats. On shore-side trees, birds started chirping to wake up their friends to get ready for the new day.

Here is an image of boats waiting calmly in calm water for the sun to rise.