That Smile
Young Changpa Girl during winter months, Changthang
Traditional Kutchhi Tattoo on hand
Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture, frozen winter on Changthang
Golden Eagle Portrait, Kyrgyzstan
Landscape in Himalayas
Landscape in Himalayas
Portrait of Changpa Nomad
Portrait of Changpa Nomad, Changthang, Ladakh
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum, Prayer wheel
Portrait of Theyyam Dancer
Portrait of Theyyam Dancer, Kerala
Sunrise over Tungabhadra
Sunrise over Tungabhadra & Corecales, Hampi
Himalayan Pika
Himalayan Pika , Grabbing wood
The Rider
Rider under the shade of sun and clouds near to Song Kul Kake, Kyrgyzstan
Portrait of Old Rabari man,
Portrait of Old Rabari man, village street, Kutch, Gujarat
3rd Generation
3rd Generation, Portrait of Old man and young one