Portrait of Mother and Son in Himalayas, Welcome 2018! Happy New Year
December 26, 2017

Welcome 2018, Happy New Year

Time is coming close to wave hands and say bye-bye to the Year 2017. Welcome to 2018.

That means it’s time to forget many things and leave behind, it’s also time to carry forward many things. Things to forget and leave behind are all sadness, sorrow and failures; to carry forward are all good memories, moments which made you happy and learning from mistakes we made.

2017 Year! Really a colourful for me. This year I made great trips to South East Asia, Central Asia, spent enough time in my beloved Himalayas and other parts of country spanning from forests to deserts and high mountains to seashores. And more important good time with beloved known and unknown friends. During my trips, I met many unknowns and knowns and some people put their impression for the lifetime on me and those are really impossible to wipe or remove from memory.

Kids they are the great teachers in this world and this little cutie taught me, meet people whom you really don’t know, try to talk with them without any intention of giving or take. Talk to kids more often and play innocent games with them and see how much happy you will be.

Some people put their impression lifetime and those are really impossible to get away from memory. I met this lovely kid in Zangla a small Himalayan village a decade back on one of my Chadar Expedition. I was staying at his house for a couple of days. Playing with this kids were really a joy; how innocent they are and make you happy with their curiosity, game of hiding and seek behind my backpack, suddenly coming out from the back and laugh a lot for nothing to just get attention from an unknown like me.

I don’t know why but this little kid “Stenzin” whom I fall in love with made me so happy for those days of stay. It was a time to start my return journey back to Leh and early morning I did not find him in house but my heart way telling me, “Stenzin” somewhere around you and lastly I found him at window with his mom waving me hand, I did not take his bye as a good bye as it was a good and happy movements which I want to have them for ever and he is still there in my mind, later I visited Zangla few more times and always to look for him somehow I could not. Hope to meet him again someday.

“Often, we get pulled in different directions and are unable to devote time to ourselves. We do not take out the time to think and reflect. This can leave us dull and tired. A few quiet moments every day are the source of creativity. Silence heals and rejuvenates and gives you depth and stability. Sometime during the day, sit for a few minutes; get into the cave of your heart, eyes closed, and keep the world away.”

“Feel Grateful”

Our love, faith, and belief should be deep-rooted, and then everything else moves on its own. The feeling that “I am blessed” can help us overcome any failure. Once you realise that you are blessed, then all the complaints and grumbling disappear, all the insecurities disappear and you become grateful, contented and peaceful.”

Welcome, 2018! Wish you the great new year ahead and hope you have great memories to carry forward and no worries no sorrows.

And yes hope to cross paths someday somewhere middle of nowhere.

Portrait of Mother and Son in Himalayas, Welcome 2018! Happy New Year

Portrait of Mother and Son in Himalayas, Welcome 2018! Happy New Year