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How to Focus & Compose Photos at Night

How to Focus & Compose Photos at Night

We all love to see starts in dark nights, If you are a night lover and love to shoot night pictures, the first question is in mind how to focus when you really can not see anything through the viewfinder on a dark night. Focus and Composition is the biggest problem for night lovers. So I would like to give you quick workaround in such situations when you land-up at last moment on location, where you don’t have time to set […]

Stars Trails in Himalayas

Tips for Night Sky and Star Photography

Why take night photos? While they’re not difficult but they can be a challenge. Photography by definition is writing with light, and at night well, you get the picture you want if you have right preparation and understanding. This is the general guideline for night landscape and stars photography. One might need to change settings based on location and light situations.Personally, I love to photograph starry nights with mountains. Here I am going to tell you some basics about Stars […]

Instagram Banner

Improve Instagram Performance

There is always a question of, how some people get a good amount of followers on social media. Here is some insight on Instagram. What one should post and behave on Instagram. Post High Quality and artistic images. Before post your image, make sure you post process images really well, Instagram offers some inbuilt capability but that is not necessary to use. If you are professional and use your Instagram account to promote your products or work? add some behind scenes shots. […]

Sunset on Song Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

Tips  to Capture Landscape Images

Everyone loves beautiful landscape images and being photographer we really want to create some stunning landscape images. Here today I am going to talk about some golden rules to help you make good landscape images. So here you go with: Pack your backpack with right gears: We prepare for so many things before the shoot but many times you don’t need too many things to pack to make some nice images but when I travel some of the equipment are on […]