Being Nomad

Dang Drung Glacier & me

I live a life of semi-nomadic style and that involves lots of travel, might be travelling 8 months in a year on an average and when I talk about being nomad do so certain things in a different way and here are some of my views about my nomadic travel.

a. Nomad makes friends quickly:

Yeah, I can see smiling and nod on your face, that’s really ok. Now let me tell you how it works, I need help from many people on the way and smile or just a hello really works with any unknown. Sometime you might need to check or something in stores or looking for some information. I have had single “NO” for any help. I talk with people on the road. Language is not a barrier and doesn’t think that way; smile works effectively everywhere and later try to find a common way of communicate. In many cases, google translate works well.

During my travel, I earned a lot in terms of friends and my friendship account is very rich. I must say, I have friends almost everywhere, starting from a small village or big cities. Oh yes, stay in touch with them even you are not going to visit that place again. You never know the world is a village and your path might cross.

b. Nomad travels lighter:

Travel light! Yes, the way lighter. Most of to time I travel different region, a backpack with a camera system, sometimes a laptop and a very small backpack which carries other required things such as clothes (depends on weather), a couple of T-Shirts a pair of shoe and sandals, a combination of medical and toilet kit. Sometimes I can fix myself in a good size daypack. Tries to buy which can help me in multiple weather conditions and long last.  I learn very quickly how to work with limited resources and work within limitations.

c. Place selection for stay and facility:

No luxury and it is not important, place, which is good enough to secure your stuff, clean and see how fast can get your stuff power up quickly and charge them easily. Power points are a key factor. This is an art and you will learn it quickly. You must utilize your stay to charge up your equipment to such a level where you don’t run out of charge when you need them the most.

d. Nomad – more disciplined than average traveller:

Normally you don’t have the luxury to avoid or miss public transport or free facility. I do necessary homework for next day travel plan and understands the value of time not only mine but others too. Being on time does not mean you are free or nothing to do.

I do everything in a certain way with some logic with lots of responsibility. I rarely miss deadlines and always ready with the second option.

e. I smile more than anymore else:

This is a secret of my happiness and travel easily. This works everywhere, wherever you go even though you don’t have an idea about local language. Smile openly; be honestly and cross your fingers. It is amazing and you see how people around you are doing their best to support you. You’re also free to do the opposite, like frowning and see what happens. I did both and believe me, smiling works better all the time and in my experience, it’s the best language in the world.

f. My travel might give you a feel of cheap:

This is what you think, but it’s my style of travel with limited budget or facility, please respect it. But the end of trip or travel you might find me doing more interesting things on the way and enjoying trip. I also maintain buffer safety. I budget well and always ready for emergency. On move my lifestyle is really fluid and neat.

g. I am “Healthier” than you:

“Nomad” means “always on move.” So, this is just by the fact, they really can’t afford to get sick. Devers food, water and other facts make them more immune than average people. Don’t pamper yourself too much. I am a more decline in food and lifestyle than anyone else. I am really healthier than anyone else not in terms of physical but mentally as well.

h. I manage my fears and challenges better than you:

Being nomad, act of “jumping in” needs lots of courage; self-control or discipline to actually keep this lifestyle going on. But once you are on this track and you past this fear of being “lost” and once you’re actually making a living, you just realize your “courage” muscles have just been upgraded. And you’re ready to tackle challenges you never ever thought of before. And that’s a very, very good thing.

*You do not mean YOU

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