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Portrait of Mother and Son in Himalayas, Welcome 2018! Happy New Year

Welcome 2018, Happy New Year

Time is coming close to wave hands and say bye-bye to the Year 2017. Welcome to 2018. That means it’s time to forget many things and leave behind, it’s also time to carry forward many things. Things to forget and leave behind are all sadness, sorrow and failures; to carry forward are all good memories, moments which made you happy and learning from the mistakes we made. The 2017 Year! Really colourful for me. This year I made great trips to […]

How to Focus & Compose Photos at Night

How to Focus & Compose Photos at Night

We all love to see starts in dark nights, If you are a night lover and love to shoot night pictures, the first question is in mind how to focus when you really can not see anything through the viewfinder on a dark night. Focus and Composition is the biggest problem for night lovers. So I would like to give you quick workaround in such situations when you land-up at last moment on location, where you don’t have time to set […]